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Grease is ideal as a lubricant in, for example, ball bearings on machines, gearboxes or in other places in machines with moving parts where there is a need for long-term lubrication and protection is required against rust, heat, water or wear. The various additives in the grease contribute to giving the grease special properties that, for example, an oil does not have. The lubricating grease, which consists largely of base oil, seals and prevents water, dirt and contaminants from penetrating the lubrication point. In addition, the grease stays in the same place to a greater degree than an oil does, which ensures minimal or no friction.

In addition to the fact that lubricating grease is more stable than oil in the sense that it remains to a greater extent on the lubrication point, it also offers good corrosion protection while at the same time having a good sealing ability. Furthermore, it is possible to use grease for many applications. An important difference between lubricating oil and lubricating grease, however, is that lubricating grease is not able to dissipate heat. This is important in applications such as engines where cooling is needed to avoid overheating. Therefore, it is extremely important to know what requirements the application grease should be used for, before choosing a lubricant.

Grease for all purposes - TOTAL Nordic



CERAN XM 220 smörjfett

LUBRICATED GREASES  FROM TotalEnergies to industry

TotalEnergies is one of the world's largest lubricant manufacturers and offers a wide range of different lubricants to many industries and applications. TotalEnergies lubricating greases are divided into product families. The division into product families is based on area of ​​use and product properties. In our range you will find lubricating greases with aluminum complexes, polyurea thickeners and lithium / calcium greases. Furthermore, we also have fats based on lithium / calcium complexes and calcium sulfonate complexes. If you do not find what you are looking for in our product range, you are warmly welcome to contact our experts to hear how we can find a solution that meets your needs and requirements. 



TotalEnergies Lube-Shuttle® Grease Gun - A simple and effective solution for challenging lubrication points

When using conventional grease cartridges, it can be difficult to remove all the contents of the cartridge with a standard grease gun. Usually there is a small percentage of fat left in the cartridge that cannot be removed. In other words, fat is wasted. At TotalEnergies, we have an effective solution to the problem. With our Lube-Shuttle® grease gun, you do not have to worry about grease remaining in the cartridge. TotalEnergies Lube-Shuttle® removes all grams of the grease, which gives a higher degree of efficiency for each individual grease cartridge. This reduces costs and is also a more environmentally friendly handling of grease. Lube-Shuttle® open bottom holes also make it possible for the user to see how much grease is left in the cartridge, which facilitates more efficient working methods.


Easy to use

Because the Lube-Shuttle® grease gun is not equipped with a spring-loaded piston, no tools are required to install a grease gun, making it extremely easy to use. Only unscrew the used cartridge by hand, before screwing in the new cartridge. Then you give the grease gun trigger a quick press with your finger and the grease gun is ready to use.

User- friendly design

The ergonomic pistol grip design allows the Lube-Shuttle® grease gun to be used with just one hand. This makes it easier to access the more inaccessible lubrication points, while the grease gun is convenient to use. With this practical solution, grease application becomes both efficient and easy.

Did you know that several of our most innovative lubricating greases such as CERAN XM 220, CERAN XM 220 Moly and MULTIS COMPLEX HV2 are available as 400 g grease cartridges? These cartridges are designed to fit the Lube-Shuttle® Grease Gun.


Increased degree of use with TotalEnergies 180kg barrels equipped with "liner" (inner protection)

Do you find that it can be difficult to completely empty the barrel with grease? Do you also spend valuable time cleaning the dish for reuse?

With TotalEnergies' new 180kg grease barrel with liner, these problems become a thing of the past. The fact that the drum with grease is equipped with liner means that the inside of the drum is covered by a practical inner protection that can easily be removed and emptied. This means that all contents are always used, while the dish is kept clean and you do not have to spend time cleaning it. An efficient and practical solution that saves both time and reduces your costs.