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Brochure - Industry


CERAN grease is available in different versions for industrial applications, grease lubrication in construction and agricultural machinery.

Multis grease

As the name suggests, TotalEnergies' Multis product range includes multifunctional lubricating greases that can be used in both automotive and industrial equipment.

Altis grease

The Altis product range is specially developed for high speeds and high temperatures and is used in electric car engines, among other things.

Gas engines brochure

Nateria gas engine oil for extended service life, unleashing the potential of your gas engine.

Natural gas brochure

Natural gas value chain TCO* enhanced lubricants, optimizing your efficiency from gas wells to gas compressors.

Wind brochure

Wind energy lubricants, optimizing renewable energy and equipment.


Folia greases.

Innovative metalworking technology - A unique solution for you and your daily operations.

Gas turbine brochure.

Presila Turbine Oil - Ensure optimal performance of your turbine

STEEL rolling mills brochure.

Dedicated solutions to improve your productivity

Mining industry.

Mining lubrications & services, operating sustainably and responsibly everyday

MW MWF brochure.

Metalworking fluids products & service catalog, protecting beyond just tools 

Transmission manufacturing.

Transmission manufacturing cutting fluids for gears & housing production 

Steel industry brochure

Lubricants for primary metals process, dedicated solutions to improve your productivity

Steel continuous casting

High performance industrial lubricants, dedicated solutions to improve your productivity

Alu rolling brochure

Aluminum processing fluids hot & cold rolling mills - Expertise and technical support for all applications

Food Nevastane

H1 high performance lubricants, reliability and safety for all food industries.